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Emergency Contact Numbers

During normal hours, call:

02920 621 511

Heath Vets Rhiwbina Surgery: 123-5 Heol-Y-Deri, Rhiwbina, Cardiff CF14 6UH

Outside normal hours, call: 02920 529 446

V.E.T.S. Emergency Clinic: 180/182 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1DL

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Heath Vets has a comprehensive range of equipment meaning that nearly all treatment can be carried out in our surgeries.

Anaesthetic Monitoring

A sophisticated heart monitor is used for any patient undergoing major surgery. It is very sensitive to changes in the patient’s condition and helps keep the anaesthetic at a safe and effective level.

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Electro Cardiogram ECG

ECG, or Electro-cardiogram, is an instrument which records the electrical activity in the heart muscle. Leads are attached to specific points on the patient’s skin, and these detect the heart activity.

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We believe in the value of having rapid results of tests – we do not like to be at the mercy of the postal system – and so we have invested in a sophisticated laboratory at the practice. We have the latest in automated biochemistry and more.

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An endoscope is basically a long tube with a light, through which the vet is able to see into inaccesible places, such as the stomach, airways, etc. The most basic endoscopes are just rigid hollow tubes with a lens system rather like a telescope.

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Laser therapy

Laser therapy is the use of wavelengths of light to stimulate the bodies natural ability to heal. The effects of laser therapy include improved healing time,​ pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Its uses are many we frequently use it for pain arthritic conditions in dogs. These sessions are often carried out by our […]

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Ultrasound is rather like small-scale radar. Pulses of very high frequency sound waves are emitted from a probe, directed into the tissues being examined. The sound waves are reflected in different proportions whenever tissues of different density join.

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X-ray images (“radiographs”) have been used for many years now, and most people know that they can show some of the internal parts of the body.

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