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We believe in the value of having rapid results of tests - we do not like to be at the mercy of the postal system - and so we have invested in a sophisticated laboratory at the practice. We have the latest in automated biochemistry and haematology analysers, blood electrolyte analysis, and a binocular microscope.

We are able to process most samples within a few hours of taking them, giving analysis of blood cell counts and many biochemical tests immediately. Speed can be critical to the outcome of the case on a few occasions; in most cases, it is merely very convenient.

We often perform pre-anaesthetic blood profiles on elderly patients to improve the safety of general anaesthesia. It is a major advantage to the patient (and owner) for us to do the blood test followed by the operation on one visit to the surgery.

As well as blood tests, we often perform microscopic evaluation of samples taken from the skin, ear discharges, and skin masses. These procedures permit a more accurate diagnosis, and therefore more specific and effective treatment.