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We strongly believe in the benefit of having your pet insured against the cost of veterinary treatment. Modern veterinary practice breaks new ground every day. We are now able to give good quality life to many patients who, only a few years ago, would have needed to be put to sleep. Increasingly sophisticated tests and equipment enable earlier and more accurate diagnosis, and hence more effective treatment. But all this comes at a price.

Unfortunately, there is no National Health Service to provide for the care of pet animals, so all veterinary care has to be paid for. When you visit the surgery with your pet, there is usually a fee to pay, whether or not any treatment has been necessary. The fees we charge are carefully calculated to be fair to you our clients, reflecting the amount of time that, on average, is taken with similar cases.

The income from our fees has to pay for the upkeep of the premises, maintenance of the considerable amount of sophisticated equipment that we have, and investment in new equipment and facilities as they become available in the future. We believe in rewarding our dedicated staff for the excellent job they do, and we also believe in the importance of keeping up-to-date with new ideas, so we often send members of the practice on courses of one sort or another.

The vet will be happy to give you an estimate of the potential cost of any proposed treatment, and will be able to discuss with you possible alternative treatments.


It is very distressing for both owners and vets to have to compromise on the optimum treatment because of the cost, when the patient is not insured.

There are a large number of companies offering pet health insurance now. We have some companies’ information in the surgery, and we also have our own “Healthcare Plan” called VetProtect Total Care Scheme.

As well as providing very good value insurance, this also covers the cost of a six-monthly health-check, the annual booster vaccinations, and flea and worm control, together with discounts on certain goods and services.

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